Integrated Pest Management for Cultural Heritage by David Pinniger

An Arabic translation of an essential book on protecting collections of cultural heritage objects from biological infestations applying Integrated Pest Management


Qirab released an Arabic translation of David Pinniger’s Integrated Pest Management for Cultural Heritage in 2023.

Integrated Pest Management

This book discusses the causes of infestation of various pests that put at risk the preservation of cultural heritage collections and recommendations for prevention and control of them; and the integrated use of physical and chemical methods that constitute Integrated Pest Management (IPM).


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Integrated Pest Management for Cultural Heritage is a practical, color-illustrated, working handbook for the curator, conservator and all persons concerned with the management of collections. It is an essential guide to the recognition of insect, rodent and bird pests with advice on the practical steps required to prevent and control damage to collections.

While presenting the latest information on the trapping and detection of pests, the author explains the advantages and disadvantages of physical and chemical control measures including concerns about the use of pesticides and their effects on staff and the environment. In addition, he demonstrates that IPM is not only a safer option but also a more cost-effective solution to the complex problems of pest control.

This book offers comprehensive guidance for the treatment of any pest problem likely to be encountered in museums, archives and historic houses.

Integrated Pest Management


  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Integrated Pest Management in Cultural Heritage
  • Chapter 2 Insect pests
  • Chapter 3 Insect detection and monitoring
  • Chapter 4 Prevention of insect infestation
  • Chapter 5 Control of insects
  • Chapter 6 Rodents and Birds
  • Chapter 7 Implementing IPM

About the Author

David Pinniger’s passion for insects started as a boy when he helped his amateur entomologist father catch dragonflies to identify them and then let them fly away again unharmed. He started work as a food inspector with the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food and then worked as a research scientist for the MAFF Central Science Laboratory in Slough. In 1996 he became an independent consultant to provide specialist advice and training on pests in museums, galleries, archives and historic houses. He is the pest management strategy adviser for English Heritage and advises many of the major national museums and galleries and historic houses in the UK. David has also worked with overseas museums and delivered lectures at conferences and training workshops in many countries. He is the author of over 60 papers and publications, including “Integrated Pest Management for Cultural Heritage” and “Pests in Houses Great and Small”.


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