About Qirab™

Mission Statement

Qirab™ is dedicated to supporting the preservation of manuscripts within the Islamic cultural sphere through knowledge sharing and open source technology. We publish Arabic translations of technical texts and standards as well as produce innovative hardware and software designs.


The Qirab™ Project was created by the Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation in 2021 as a complement to our other projects. It was envisoned as a platform enabling us to share experience gained from over 25 years of striving in the manuscript heritage preservation field.

Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation

The Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation is a non-profit academic organisation that was founded to support and advance the protection, preservation and study of the Islamic intellectual and artistic heritage. It specialises in scholarly publishing, fine book design, and the care and management of manuscript collections. The Foundation has offices in Cairo, Egypt; the University of Cambridge, England; and Stuttgart, Germany.

Other Foundation Projects